I took CS 1332

I wanted to relearn the basics of CS, so I started the course at the end of last November. Although I was suspended due to busy personal life events in December, I finally completed the course this week.

In this course, besides a brief explanation of Big-O and Java language usage for submitting assignments, I learned about

Priority-Queue and Dequeue were also briefly touched.

The course grades Coding Assignment, Final Exam, and Participation, and passing the course requires passing 60% grade. My grade was 97%, luckily.

Since the course is about basic data structures, I thought there would be little new to learn, but I learned a lot from implementing each ADT while writing the code. I think writing codes deepened my understanding of 1implementing different backing data structures considering efficiency improvement.

And one more thing, The visualization tool created by Georgia Tech alumni who’ve enjoyed CS 1332 was neat. The tool was so helpful to gain a better understanding of how that particular data structure or algorithm works and the concepts behind it.

Overall, I enjoyed this well-designed course. It is worth trying if you are interested in relearning CS and haven’t taken it yet.

It seems that there are other courses in this series, so I would like to find time to complete them.

  1. Such as using a circular array for ArrayQueue ↩︎